Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog fail

Y'all. I am a blog failure. So sorry. We've been pretty busy the last couple weeks. I've what feels like a billion weddings/showers. Who knew fall was wedding season?! Not me. I think after the next wedding we are officially half way through our weddings for the season. Whew. And I have 2 baby showers in the next two weeks...not for me, like, I'm going to them. When did I become so grown up?

Anways, Justin ran a half marathon last weekend with Sara's husband (whom he uh-dores). In Kansas City. He got 91st in his division (age 25-29 I think) and 699th overall (there were like 7,000 people there). He finished in an hour and 49 minutes.

 The guys pre-race...very early in the morning. 
 Soooo many people got up sooooo early in the cold to run. Crazies. 
 There they are, about 2 miles in.
 This sweet boy looked up when I said, "This is for Miss Chelsea." So, Miss Chelsea, this is for you. Sara, I'm obsessed with your kiddos.
I didn't get a picture of the guys crossing the finish line, but this is what it looked like. 

Sara and her mother-in-law are a pro at these, so I was happy to have someone tell me when I needed to be where all weekend and play with some of my faves. 

Subject change: We bought a Christmas tree yesterday!!!! And it's already up. Don't judge me. Don't you dare judge me (that's for you Sarah Allen). Anyways, we live in an apartment. Without an attic. Or much storage at all. So, it was just easier to put it up. It's not decorated or anything, but it's up.

Guess what else? We got a new couch a few weeks ago for $40 on craigslist. Y'all. I love craigslist. I could look at it forever. Plus, we sold a ton of stuff on it, and that's how we paid for a lot of our honeymoon. Anyways, the couch isn't fancy, but she's clean and comfy. I am so thankful for it.

My job's going great (that's what people typically ask me about these days). I love it. Really. It's so fun to just be a little helper all day. My bosses seem super grateful, so that's encouraging too. Most of what I do (since people usually ask that as well) is schedule, call, email, social media (yep, part of my job is facebook and twitter), and a whole bunch of other random stuff. Currently, I'm trying to find Dallas area style blogs. Cool? I think so. Not everything is that fun, but I do get to google/research a lot of stuff and that's neat. And, I'm learning a TON. That's always good...especially for non-school learners like myself.

No one likes to read a novel (well, on a blog that is), so hopefully I'll keep you posted better in the next few weeks. Here's a preshy picture of my husband as a baby to make you smile. Y'all. A sailor. So great.