Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are we God-honoring?

*First off, I'm rarely this think-y on my blog. This has just been on my mind a lot lately.

For the second time in our marriage (both out of town, actually), Justin and I were walking down a street and asked by 2 men if we supported gay rights. The first time, we were in Denver on our honeymoon and Justin just said, "Uhh.." as we were walking. We were walking by. The timing was poor. The second time was very similar, except Justin said, "No, thanks."

As we were walking away I asked him if he thought our responses to those 2 situations were honoring to the Lord. Not that I was anti-what he said. I wasn't/am not. I just don't know the answer to that question. First off, that's a reallllyyyyy loaded question. With everything going on lately, my guess is that they mean in regards to marriage, but 'rights' makes me think of the right to vote, shop, drive, get a job, etc. I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant.

Anyways, if I agree with what the Bible calls marriage, but I'm supposed to love everyone - all my neighbors, straight, gay, purple, liberal, conservative, northern, rude, etc., then is saying "No, thanks" a loving response? Telling them why they're wrong and making them think I'm judging them certainly doesn't seem appropriate either. A sin is a sin is a sin, and a believer would not respond well to me being jerk to them and telling them how wrong they are, so why would a non-believer respond well. If I told them in love (whatever that looks like to a stranger on the street), I cannot expect a (potentially) non-believer to respond as a believer would if I approached them in love anyways.

I don't know the answer. I'm just thinking on it. I'd love anyone else's thoughts, but I would not love to argue with anyone about this. I will not talk to you if you try to argue with me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kansas City

Well, I received a text from my friend Chelsea saying, "Write a blog. What are you doing with your life?"

Ha. So, here I am. Writing a blog. Telling all 26 of you what I'm doing with my life. :) I might even cue a few up, so I don't drop off the face of the earth again.

We just got back from Kansas City yesterday, after spending a few days there with only each other. We love hosting people and having friends over and people staying with us, so we do. A lot. Because of that, we have to be very intentional about finding time for us. We obviously need time where we can't be reached or talked into doing something. :) So, we peaced out! And it. was. awesome. We loooovvvveeeee just being with each other despite the amount of time we spend with other people. Granted, I could do nothing and just chill while Justin likes to plan something for every single minute. We find a happy medium.

I think the only pictures we took were at the zoo, but here are some highlights/what we did.

  • Shopped at the Plaza. H&M, y'all. Love it. Of course, we went to Anthro and Urban Outfitters too, but I'm too cheap for those stores. 
  • The Zoo!
 Otter. For Rachel.
 "Take a picture of me. I'm dying." 
 Only picture of us together from the trip. 
 Making the same face as the camel.
 We rode the ski left that went over the zoo. Yes, that's a thing. And yes, it's awesome. 
I. Love. Polar bears. 
  • Ate BBQ (Gate's, which I was then told by my local friend, Erin, that Gate's is not the best compared to others. Bummer. Just another reason to go back!)
  • Ate California Pizza Kitchen - where our waiter, Alan, told Justin they had sugar you could add to tea to make it sweet. He also got sassy and even pointed out that it's the same sugar in sweet tea.
    Excuse me, Alan, have you ever tried to mix a million sugar packets into cold tea? It doesn't dissolve. He was obviously not southern. We tried to be gracious. 
  • Ate at Grinder's, which came highly recommended from the guy we stayed with. It was alright. We obviously love to eat. 
  • We rented an apartment to stay in from a website called airbnb.com, and it was super. This freaks some people out. This is the 3rd place to stay I've found on a sight like this, and so far it's always worked out great. Maybe I'll blog about that later....Anyways, he loved Asian art, but had awesome brick walls and high, open wooden ceilings. Also, concrete floors. Not my fave (they were in the bedroom too, since it was a loft), but fine. 
  • I got to see my friend, Erin, like I said earlier. I was giddy. She moved from Fayetteville to KC area with her fam a few months ago. I was thrilled to be in my Wed. morning scripture memory group with her for a time. And thrilled to babysit her sweet boys a few times. And, much sadder than I anticipated when she moved. Seeing her was so. wonderful. She's so wise. 
We're back now, and I go back to work tomorrow. Booooo. Not really, but I am way thankful for time off. Also, I cannot stop thinking about how incredible this video is. Grab a kleenex and watch it.