About Me

I love lists.
I love correct capitalization and punctuation (this doesn't mean I always do it.) Also I do not love when things are spelled incorrectly on purpose. Examples: dealz, kool, wat, etc. 
I wish I were a morning a person.
I like to drink my coffee through a straw. 
I love aprons and bright lipstick and crafts and girly things.
I still wear my retainer even though I've had my braces off for at least 5 years. You would too if you had braces twice for a total of 6 years...well, maybe you wouldn't, but I still have dreams about my teeth moving. 

I want to love like my Jesus.
I am stubborn like my grandma.
I wish I were funny like my brother.
I like to watch people like my daddy.
I like to give like my mama.
I am feely like my Sarah.
I want to be crafty like my Chelsea.
I love to see Jesus in my girls.
I want to be so many people when I grow up.