Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Obession

Y'all. I lovey love to bake/cook a lot. Pinterest has fueled pretty much everything we eat/make in the Morgan house. (With a few staples I learned from my mom of course.) It's been mostly just recipes, but here are a few things I've tried. Some I've l-o-v-e-d. Some have been super fails. Seriously, is there someone out there trying to trick people on Pinterest? The glowy Mountain Dew bottle thing doesn't work btw. I didn't try, but Sarah did...I'm pretty sure she's the one who told me at least.

White Chicken Chili - I'm making this for community group tonight, actually.
White Silk Purse Laundry Detergent -  I made a different recipe a while back, but I like this one better. It's more concentrated and smells better. Mine didn't turn out quite like hers. I don't think I used enough water, but it still works!
Pioneer Woman Taco Pizza - Yum. Loved this
Holiday Monogram// - There's a pic of it here from our old apartment. I made mine of out a cereal box though. #frugalfreddy
Peanut Butter - There are multiple recipes on Pinterest, so I didn't really follow just one. I just followed my heart, and it was delicious. 

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pasta - I might've just learned I don't like goat cheese from this, not necessarily the recipe. It tasted like a goat smells. 
Braid your hair and flat iron it for perfect waves - Wrong. Braid your hair and flat iron it for a crimpy 80s look. Tried this before work one morning. Yea, thanks a lot liar-pinterester. 
you're welcome that you get to see that.

Kale Chips - Maybe I made them wrong, but y'all, we didn't like these. Like, at all. Maybe I learned I don't like kale? Seriously though, it's like any other leafy green, so why wouldn't I? 
Sock bun curls - I didn't try these, but saw at least 3 tweets that they didn't work, so I opted out. 

Any fails or successes I should know about? No one likes wasting their time :)