Friday, October 12, 2012

Spring Breaks - Part 2

If you're wondering why I'm telling you about Spring Breaks from college, read below. If you wanna read about the first one, click here.

So, I got to thinking. I have a lot of stories that I don't want to forget. Not like, ultra cool, life-altering stories, but they are stories and they are mine. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some taught me something. Some are lovey. Since I don't want to forget my stories, I have decided to compile them here. Maybe it will be like a 50 First Dates kind of thing and someone will read them if they get amnesia or dementia or something. I don't want that to happen, but it's plausible, I guess. Also, maybe my babies or babies' babies will read them. I would l-o-v-e love to read stories from grandmas or mom when they were in their 20s. (If you don't know me, folks, it seems that I have to have a reason to do something. Not just a 'Hey this seems like fun. I'll do it.' reason. Weird. I think I just learned that about myself.) Anyways, #storykeeper, y'all.

Sophomore Year:
I can say pretty confidently that this was my favorite trip ever. 6 of us and a paper cut out of our friend Sarah drove a total of 61hrs round trip to Boston and back in my parents' car with our luggage strapped to the back.

Along the way we stopped outside of Nashville at Julie's uncle's house, New York, Philly, Boston and Annapolis, Maryland. Having 6 people in one car for that long had its moments for sure, but we had a shout cup that we made strongly suggested everyone put something in every now and then to say anything they wanted without getting hated on. I still have the papers somewhere, I think, but they ranged from serious, whiney things like, "Please no more country!" and "I hate Firehouse" to "Sarah (paper cut out) and Jason should date." They're hilarious.

A few happenings on the trip:

  • Along the way, somewhere in Tennessee I believe, we were looking for food and the GPS said "Beach Creek Deli". It sounded pleasant, but it seemed a ways off the highway we were on. So, we went, obviously. After driving down back, windy roads and a few of us almost vomming we passed a closed down, ghetto gas station called "BeechCreek Deli". Yea. We didn't stop. Here she is:
  • Annapolis. Probably doesn't mean a lot to a lot of you, but it was actually my and Chelsea's second time there. There's a Naval Academy there, and it's just a stinkin' cute town, y'all! Chels and I made up a story about being interviewed for a documentary and using British accents. I think everyone believed us for a while, but we told them we were kidding later. We also stood outside and danced to Diva by Beyonce somewhere in Annapolis. 

  • Boston. I want to go back here. So. Bad. We didn't get to spend as much time here as we'd like, but it was still so great. We ate dinner with our (now) friends John and Heather. They were locals at the time, so they showed us around a bit, and we got to go to the John Hancock building where Heather worked. Turns out we were in Boston on St. Patrick's day and it was CRAZY. We heard tons of f-bombs on the subway, and the subway STOPPED WORKING while we were on it. No one did anything except the guys we were with. Ha! We went to a restaurant, The Barking Crab, which came highly recommended by a cursing, tour guide man. He said he used to be a chef. Who knows. We also went to Harvard (!), and it was beautiful, but people blew whistles if you got on the grass. I think they had orange vests on, too. When we we there we met a freshman girl whose major was Neurobiology or something. Seriously. We didn't belong, but it was SO pretty. 

  • Philadelphia. I had the first and only Philly Cheese Steak I've ever really enjoyed here at Pat's. It's famous, apparently. We were only here for maybe an hour, so we didn't do much more than eat. We did run up the Rocky steps. I've never seen Rocky, so I don't know what that means, and I didn't run them; I video-taped other people running up them. :)

  • New York. We did so much here and were so exhausted, and it was so worth it. We saw Wall Street, went to a Charity:Water exhibit, went to Central Park, Times Square (where we saw a car wreck) and the Seinfeld Restaurant. We maneuvered the subways, didn't get mugged, saw the WTC memorial, went to Chelsea Market, Canal Street, rode a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and watched the boys gooze on 2 German girls. 
May have been photobombing....

Other things not to be forgotten:
  • Someone may or may not have said they would hide under someone's bed during their honeymoon. Yep.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Spring Breaks - Part 1

In case you missed my Story Keeper rant, here's why I'm telling you about Spring Break from my freshman year of college:

So, I got to thinking. I have a lot of stories that I don't want to forget. Not like, ultra cool, life-altering stories, but they are stories and they are mine. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some taught me something. Some are lovey. Since I don't want to forget my stories, I have decided to compile them here. Maybe it will be like a 50 First Dates kind of thing and someone will read them if they get amnesia or dementia or something. I don't want that to happen, but it's plausible, I guess. Also, maybe my babies or babies' babies will read them. I would l-o-v-e love to read stories from grandmas or mom when they were in their 20s. (If you don't know me, folks, it seems that I have to have a reason to do something. Not just a 'Hey this seems like fun. I'll do it.' reason. Weird. I think I just learned that about myself.) Anyways, #storykeeper, y'all.

Y'all. When I was in college I had Spring. Breaks. Like, good unforgettable random spring breaks. I don't ever want to forget them for a lot of reasons, but one of them being that we did kind of silly, spontaneous things, and they are absolutely some of my favorite times. Here's the first. I'll split 'em up though, because some will be longer.

Freshman Year:
My bestie from high school, Shannon, was engaged (maybe just dating at the time, but I think engaged) to this guy (not 'a' guy, rather her now husband) whose family lived in Tampa, FL. We drove there and stayed with his family for the week. We went to the beach a lot and shopped and I ate a Cuban (sandwich) for the first time. It was great. I don't remember too much else, other than someone thought we were in Jr. High when we were at one of Andrew's cousin's basketball games or something. Cool. A couple pics: (I can't find any more. Hmm.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Story Keeper

So, I got to thinking. I have a lot of stories that I don't want to forget. Not like, ultra cool, life-altering stories, but they are stories and they are mine. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some taught me something. Some are lovey. Since I don't want to forget my stories, I have decided to compile them here. Maybe it will be like a 50 First Dates kind of thing and someone will read them if they get amnesia or dementia or something. I don't want that to happen, but it's plausible, I guess. Also, maybe my babies or babies' babies will read them. I would l-o-v-e love to read stories from grandmas or mom when they were in their 20s. (If you don't know me, folks, it seems that I have to have a reason to do something. Not just a 'Hey this seems like fun. I'll do it.' reason. Weird. I think I just learned that about myself.) Anyways, #storykeeper, y'all.


One time, I was babysitting. I was babysitting a fam of 4. Their dad had dropped them off, and we were getting ready for bed. Once everyone was in bed the eldest told me his stomach hurt. I asked him what he ate for dinner, and he told me Chinese food and pizza. Oh no. That can't be a good combo. I told him to lay on the couch and that I would rub his back. He told me his mom usually got a trash can when his stomach hurt like this. Oh, good. So, I got a trash can. I started rubbing his back, and about 30 seconds later he was vomming his face off and crying. I was so sad for him, and so gag-gy. I called his mom. No answer. Turns out I had 2 numbers for her in my phone and one was wrong. I found the right one and she still didn't answer. Luckily, she called back within about 5 minutes saying she was on her way home. (I left a voicemail saying, 'Um, hi. It's Celeste. Xyz is sick and throwing up. Uh...yea. Bye.'
When she called back she asked to talk to her babe, so I gave him the phone even though he was still a little preoccupied crying and dry-heaving and such. He was holding the phone. He leaned over to spit. He dropped said phone into the bag-o-chunder and looked at me all wide-eyed and nervous. Sick. 'It's okay.' I said quietly, as I pulled said phone out of barf-can. I put it on speaker phone. She kept praying. I tried not to gag.

Eventually he quit throwing up, mom came home and I cleaned my phone off. And I used that phone until the day my contract expired. Still works today (over a year since I've gotten a new one, y'all.) Ironically though, I did get very sick the next week. So did my bestie though, and I hadn't seen her since the incident, so I don't really think the 2 were related.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are we God-honoring?

*First off, I'm rarely this think-y on my blog. This has just been on my mind a lot lately.

For the second time in our marriage (both out of town, actually), Justin and I were walking down a street and asked by 2 men if we supported gay rights. The first time, we were in Denver on our honeymoon and Justin just said, "Uhh.." as we were walking. We were walking by. The timing was poor. The second time was very similar, except Justin said, "No, thanks."

As we were walking away I asked him if he thought our responses to those 2 situations were honoring to the Lord. Not that I was anti-what he said. I wasn't/am not. I just don't know the answer to that question. First off, that's a reallllyyyyy loaded question. With everything going on lately, my guess is that they mean in regards to marriage, but 'rights' makes me think of the right to vote, shop, drive, get a job, etc. I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant.

Anyways, if I agree with what the Bible calls marriage, but I'm supposed to love everyone - all my neighbors, straight, gay, purple, liberal, conservative, northern, rude, etc., then is saying "No, thanks" a loving response? Telling them why they're wrong and making them think I'm judging them certainly doesn't seem appropriate either. A sin is a sin is a sin, and a believer would not respond well to me being jerk to them and telling them how wrong they are, so why would a non-believer respond well. If I told them in love (whatever that looks like to a stranger on the street), I cannot expect a (potentially) non-believer to respond as a believer would if I approached them in love anyways.

I don't know the answer. I'm just thinking on it. I'd love anyone else's thoughts, but I would not love to argue with anyone about this. I will not talk to you if you try to argue with me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kansas City

Well, I received a text from my friend Chelsea saying, "Write a blog. What are you doing with your life?"

Ha. So, here I am. Writing a blog. Telling all 26 of you what I'm doing with my life. :) I might even cue a few up, so I don't drop off the face of the earth again.

We just got back from Kansas City yesterday, after spending a few days there with only each other. We love hosting people and having friends over and people staying with us, so we do. A lot. Because of that, we have to be very intentional about finding time for us. We obviously need time where we can't be reached or talked into doing something. :) So, we peaced out! And it. was. awesome. We loooovvvveeeee just being with each other despite the amount of time we spend with other people. Granted, I could do nothing and just chill while Justin likes to plan something for every single minute. We find a happy medium.

I think the only pictures we took were at the zoo, but here are some highlights/what we did.

  • Shopped at the Plaza. H&M, y'all. Love it. Of course, we went to Anthro and Urban Outfitters too, but I'm too cheap for those stores. 
  • The Zoo!
 Otter. For Rachel.
 "Take a picture of me. I'm dying." 
 Only picture of us together from the trip. 
 Making the same face as the camel.
 We rode the ski left that went over the zoo. Yes, that's a thing. And yes, it's awesome. 
I. Love. Polar bears. 
  • Ate BBQ (Gate's, which I was then told by my local friend, Erin, that Gate's is not the best compared to others. Bummer. Just another reason to go back!)
  • Ate California Pizza Kitchen - where our waiter, Alan, told Justin they had sugar you could add to tea to make it sweet. He also got sassy and even pointed out that it's the same sugar in sweet tea.
    Excuse me, Alan, have you ever tried to mix a million sugar packets into cold tea? It doesn't dissolve. He was obviously not southern. We tried to be gracious. 
  • Ate at Grinder's, which came highly recommended from the guy we stayed with. It was alright. We obviously love to eat. 
  • We rented an apartment to stay in from a website called, and it was super. This freaks some people out. This is the 3rd place to stay I've found on a sight like this, and so far it's always worked out great. Maybe I'll blog about that later....Anyways, he loved Asian art, but had awesome brick walls and high, open wooden ceilings. Also, concrete floors. Not my fave (they were in the bedroom too, since it was a loft), but fine. 
  • I got to see my friend, Erin, like I said earlier. I was giddy. She moved from Fayetteville to KC area with her fam a few months ago. I was thrilled to be in my Wed. morning scripture memory group with her for a time. And thrilled to babysit her sweet boys a few times. And, much sadder than I anticipated when she moved. Seeing her was so. wonderful. She's so wise. 
We're back now, and I go back to work tomorrow. Booooo. Not really, but I am way thankful for time off. Also, I cannot stop thinking about how incredible this video is. Grab a kleenex and watch it. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today I

Woke up around 9. I love not having to get up at a certain time. I then said a quick "Thank you Jesus" that we don't have kids yet, and I can sleep in. (Not that I don't want kids, I'm just thankful we don't have them now.)

Ate a cannoli for breakfast. Because I'm healthy and they're delicious. Here's the recipe.

Made a grocery list and planned our meals for the week. Because I LOVE to plan and make lists and to cook.

Didn't wear makeup or work clothes, thank the good Lord. I love to dress up y'all, but I didn't wear makeup in college at least 2 times a week. Now I wear it at least 6 days a week. I like to consider my lack of excitement to do that every. single. day. a blessing that my parents bestowed on me by always telling me I was beautiful and telling me that I didn't have to wear makeup to be beautiful. Seriously, what a blessing they are. Parents (I'm not sure there are parents reading this, but just in case) tell your daughters they don't need makeup to be pretty (or clothes, or boys, or whatever). I feel like my mom told me that all. the. time., and honestly (as she will tell you) I said "I know, mom." and got annoyed. It was/is so good for me though (hello, Peter). Also, my mom didn't always do that (be constantly 'put together'), so practice what you preach. It will rub off. (end my soap box tangent)

Got myself to the Farm to pick up our vegetables for the week. (We have a Harvest Share for the season.) I've legitimately never been more excited for vegetables in my life. It's a like fun surprise every time (except not really because we get an email in advance telling us what we're getting. It still feels like a surprise though.)
We're supposed to pick up between 9-12 on Saturdays, so I rolled in at about 11:30 (still on time) and got some extra herbs because I was one of the last to pick up (shocking, I know. Not.). Woo hoo for extra herbs! I got some I've never even used! (Lemon balm and lemon oregano) I'm excited for those.

Went grocery shopping (which I also kind of love minus the spending money part.) And bonus, I got to see 3 of my favorite boys in the whole world at the store. You're probably not supposed have favorites when you babysit, but I do, and it's them. I mean, I babysit them like 10 times more than anyone else anyways, so that makes sense, right? Hope this isn't offensive to any other families....

Came home and cleaned and did laundry. Y'all cleaning is so productive. Once I start, I usually enjoy it. I'm terrible at starting though. Also, I'm not a great cleaner, but it's so fulfilling and a great time to think....and to dance, which leads to the next thing I did...

Forgot to turn on the dryer, so the clothes just sat in there the entire time the washing machine was going with another load. The reason I initially waited to turn on the dryer was so I could finish dancing to my Hall and Oates song playing and still be able to hear it. Then I forgot all together. For your viewing pleasure:

Freaked out a little because I graduated a year ago. That is nutso. 
2 of my precious precious girls are graduating today, and it just blows my mind. I remember when we were at Kaleo falling hard and fast into sister-friend love. Sweet Natalie and Rachel, I love you to the moon and back.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Powdered Donuts

Justin and I, we fight. We are married, so of course we do, but we fight about dumb stuff and real stuff. One of our more ridiculous fights happened last week. (One week before we are supposed to be on a panel of married people for engaged couples. #humbling) It is funny, and I don't wanna forget it, if for nothing else than a good story. Here's how it went:

My mom gave us Easter baskets for Easter. In these baskets were those little 6 packs of powdered donuts. I ate 3 for breakfast one morning (because I prefer the chocolate ones to the white ones, not because I think 3 teeny, calorie-filled donuts are a good breakfast) and put the others in a Ziploc bag. Justin ate the other 3 at some point. No big. A few nights later I was cooking dinner, and Justin was apparently starving. He ate 3 of the donuts from the other pack. He asked me what he should do with the rest. I said, "Put them in a Ziploc or something. I'll eat them eventually." He said, no, they are bad for us. I shall throw them away. (He didn't say shall, probably).
Me: "That is wasteful. No. Don't throw them away. Just keep them, and I'll eat them. I don't care."
Him: "But they are bad for us. Neither of us should eat them."
Me: (frustratedly and loudly) "Don't throw them away. Why are you being ridiculous?"
Then, he looked at me, and said "They're bad for us." And threw. them. away. 
Him: "I, uh, shouldn't have done that, but I -"
I continued to cook. Angrily. He did something on the couch. I don't know what because I was trying not cry (because I cry when I am mad.) I didn't cry, I just yelled in my head. Once I calmed down (some), I told him that I did not want to fight about donuts. I don't care about donuts. He hurt my feelings and was disrespectful and ignored what I said. He, immediately y'all, stood up, hugged me, and apologized. He said he handled the situation very poorly. He is humble. Hopefully, I will learn that from him. I am not anywhere near as quick to apologize to him like he does to me. 

Thanks for being patient with me, lobe. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Obession

Y'all. I lovey love to bake/cook a lot. Pinterest has fueled pretty much everything we eat/make in the Morgan house. (With a few staples I learned from my mom of course.) It's been mostly just recipes, but here are a few things I've tried. Some I've l-o-v-e-d. Some have been super fails. Seriously, is there someone out there trying to trick people on Pinterest? The glowy Mountain Dew bottle thing doesn't work btw. I didn't try, but Sarah did...I'm pretty sure she's the one who told me at least.

White Chicken Chili - I'm making this for community group tonight, actually.
White Silk Purse Laundry Detergent -  I made a different recipe a while back, but I like this one better. It's more concentrated and smells better. Mine didn't turn out quite like hers. I don't think I used enough water, but it still works!
Pioneer Woman Taco Pizza - Yum. Loved this
Holiday Monogram// - There's a pic of it here from our old apartment. I made mine of out a cereal box though. #frugalfreddy
Peanut Butter - There are multiple recipes on Pinterest, so I didn't really follow just one. I just followed my heart, and it was delicious. 

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pasta - I might've just learned I don't like goat cheese from this, not necessarily the recipe. It tasted like a goat smells. 
Braid your hair and flat iron it for perfect waves - Wrong. Braid your hair and flat iron it for a crimpy 80s look. Tried this before work one morning. Yea, thanks a lot liar-pinterester. 
you're welcome that you get to see that.

Kale Chips - Maybe I made them wrong, but y'all, we didn't like these. Like, at all. Maybe I learned I don't like kale? Seriously though, it's like any other leafy green, so why wouldn't I? 
Sock bun curls - I didn't try these, but saw at least 3 tweets that they didn't work, so I opted out. 

Any fails or successes I should know about? No one likes wasting their time :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Y'all. I have had some great bosses in my day. Seriously. First off, I know, I'm only 23. I haven't worked a ton, but I've had a few jobs and even more bosses. Specifically, about 7 jobs (9 if you count that I worked at 3 different Office Depots) and about 11 bosses. That's not even counting assistant managers/bosses. I really really enjoyed most of them. Most. :) Currently, I thoroughly enjoy both my work environment and my bosses. Isn't that neat? That's such a blessing. I don't want anyone who hates their job to think I'm rubbing in this, I just realize that it truly is a blessing. I mean, I spend sooo much time at work.

A lot of people ask me what I do/what my typical day looks like. Well, both of those are weird answers and sort of make my job seem shady. I'll do my best to fill you in. The random-ness is one of the things I cherish about this job because doing the same thing every day is bo-ring.

Over the last few weeks I have:
  • Sat in meetings and took notes. 
  • Scheduled things. 
  • Learned...well am learning, how to self publish a book and an e-book.
  • Ordered books. 
  • Gone to the news to help with client interviews. See one here if you're that interested. 
  • Gone to a chapel event at a medical facility....also, I got blessed an anointed with oil at one of these when I first started. Not kidding. I've been to a lot of churches and that hasn't happened to me before. Check that off my list.
  • Delivered pies to local medical facilities between here and Bentonville.
  • Written Christmas/Holiday cards. 
  • Learned about how/what companies make Deal Piggy and stuff work on the back end
  • Blog/facebook for a few clients...I get to start Pinterest-ing soon I hope! 
  • Written legal docs to start up an LLC. Yes, written.
  • and more. :)
Guess what I'm doing tonight? Making more laundry detergent but with a new recipe! So excited! Seriously. I'll keep you posted.

Lovey love.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Today, y'all, I miss India. A lot. I miss the children (who are nearly 2 years older now! That means that this brand spankin' new baby  is probably walking now!) and the women and even the chaos a teency bit. I miss how dependent I was on the Lord during that summer. I dearly miss my Chelsea and Priyanka. Please note, it is not easy to live there, especially when you're from America. So, I'm certain I'm remembering the best only, and not the frustration, and not the missing Justin and my family, and not the inconvenience of every single thing in that country, but still I miss it.

Today though, I am also very thankful for my job. I am so blessed to have a job that I love, y'all. It changes a lot, and I. Love. Change.

Today I am sore because I went rock climbing for the first time ever. Y'all, it was fun, but it was hard. You have to be so strong to do it! Katie, my friend that was showing some us the ropes, could gracefully swoop across the wall as if it were no big thing. So impressive. I am very aware today of how un-strong I am.

Today, in like 5 minutes, I get to babysit some of my faves. Y'all, who knew you'd miss kids you babysit when you don't see them in a while? Well, ya do...or I do at least. #giddy

Also, for your entertainment:

Lovey love. Happy weekend.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The last year of Ever

Welp, rumor has it that this is the last year ever. Sorry 'bout ya, Mayans, but my guess is that you are mistaken. I mean, I could be wrong...but I also couldn't. What if it was the last year of Ever though, y'all. It could be scary to do that, but also really stinkin awesome. You could justify quitting your job, doing whatever the heck you want, spending however much you want, going wherever you want, wowie. Here's what I'd do:

1. See. My. Chelsea. Lordy, I miss that girl.
2. Travel my face off. All the continents y'all. (Although I hate cold, I'd go to Antarctica for the Polar Bears). Also, if you're a realist like me, this would be paid for by the mondo loan I'd take out since I wouldn't have to pay it back.
3. I think I'd shave my head. Maybe not. Idk.
4. On the polar bear note, I would have to snuggle one. I'd just have to.
5. Then again, the world would probably just go crazy before then and everyone else would hoard up all the I'll stop my silly list now.

We're officially moved into our new apartment. It's starting to feel like home to me. The first night we were here watching a movie it felt like we were house sitting or something. I'll show you some pictures soon. My sweet Justin hung up a ton of stuff for me, but there are still a few things we need to do. Currently, I'm deciding where to place the bassinet. The one we bought for the wedding to be a drink cooler, which then became a blanket holder in our home, and now won't fit in the living room. Justin says we should save it for a baby (y'all it is weird to think there may be a baby in my belly or our house one day that we are responsible for. Yikes.) It's cute and neat because it was at our wedding, but it's also only gonna used for a short period of time and who knows if we'll even be here then. You know I'm not taking that thing out of the country.

Tonight is cheese party and the Cotton Bowl, but I must admit, I am WAY more excited about cheese party. It's exactly what it sounds like, a party where we eat cheese.

Go Hogs. Woo Pig.