Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Sweets

So I skipped a week. Already. Oops. Please forgive me. It's been a weirdo week.

Y'all. It was my birthday. If you know me, you know I l.o.v.e. love birthdays. I had a whole thing planned out this year how my birthday was going to be called "CElection Day" because my birthday was on election day! I mean, it's been on an election day before, but I think the presidential election day (let's be honest, the real one) only once (the day I was born - the first George W. I believe). Well, I'd been talking about it forever, since Sarah's birthday actually, but it wasn't until late October our friend Tim gently informed that my bday was not a presidential election day this year. Bumm-er. Seriously. I was so sad. I didn't know what I was going to do (because again, I lovey love birthdays), but I did know Justin was taking me on a surprise date. He does that a lot, so it wasn't super fishy, but y'all I had another surprise party! 3rd one in my life and the second year in a row! Wowie. My friends/fam/hursband are so good to me! Y'all. I was so blessed by it. Check out this video if you haven't yet.
Look how decorated our after-party apartment was!

And, here is my surprise party from last year. Awesome right?!

Pretty mail is another one of my faves this week.

 Technically, this wasn't mail. John brought it back from India for my birthday from Chelsea, but I count it as mail. They're already on the desk....that will hopefully have a top soon, so I can show you!

Mail from Chels and my grandma. I got 2 other mails from Sara and Sarah. They both also involved pink. One was a preshy/weird birthday card, and the other was the cutest little birth announcement I've ever seen.

Another super big fave this week is traveling not in the rain. Y'all. Justin and I drove to Cabot from here in a storm, from Cabot to Hot Spring in a storm, and from Hot Springs to Fayetteville in a storm. We're so thankful to drive in normal weather.

Another fun thing this week is that I got to deliver pies for work. Y'all, who doesn't want to be the bearer of a pie? Who's going to be unhappy about getting a pie? No one, that's who. I lovey love my job y'all. Praise the Lord. I almost took (well, did a second interview) with a degree-related, child-centered job, and every single day I am so thankful I didn't. I'm so glad God is bigger than me.

We had family Thanksgiving today, and that was super. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas food. I love the holidays.

Happy Satur-almost-Sunday! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Sweets

Y'all.....all 26 of you.....sorry I'm a blog failure. Not that I think you're spending all your waking moments waiting on me to blog, I just feel like I should be better at it simply because the few dear ones to me that do read it do genuinely care about what's going on in my life. (And, I especially care about those that are dear to me, but not so near. I can't tell them *ahem-Chelsea* to blog more if I don't.) Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about why I blog. It seems sort of vain and prideful doesn't it? I mean I'm generally talking about me and my life and what I do, and really, it's not that exciting. But, while thinking about that, I also thought about my (Lord-willing) future children. Y'all. I would love love love love to be able to read what my parents did before they even knew I'd be their daughter. So maybe so sweet 22 year old girl (or boy, or hopefully girlS and boyS!) will love  at least get a laugh at reading these very sporadic, random ramblings one day.

So, I've decided I will write something at least once a week by posting a few fun/random/favorite things on Saturday. I shall call it Saturday Sweets...because I love alliteration...and sweets (and obviously ellipses). And also that I can also do it on Sunday and it still be alliterated. :)

Here ya go! Volume 1 Issue 1 of Saturday Sweets. (PS, this whole idea is sort of a mishmash idea that I stole from Sara's  instafriday posts and Lauren's (yes, we're on a first name basis) Friday Favorites posts.

1. I just found out Justin is off Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Christmas Eve. Woo-hoo. Y'all, he works at a hospital. That is not common.

2. I got to Skype with Chelsea, and that is always one of my favorites.

3. My birthday is this week! I LOVE love love love love birthdays. Not just mine. Everyone's. I still need to plan something, but I love an excuse for everyone to get together (and on my birthday that means not playing games I hate playing at other parties.)

4. Y'all this video makes me sad, but the last kids on it are SOOOOO funny. They make all the whiney kids before worth it. Let's be real, that's totally what I would've done.

5. This recipe I got off of Pinterest. Y'all. I luuuuurrrrrvvvvveeee Pinterest (like everyone else in the world) and this soup. (They call it chili). It's so easy and so tasty. I'm making it for our Community Group tomorrow.

 6. Halloween's over. Thank goodness. I'm not such a fan of that holiday, but I do love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did I tell you our tree was up? It is. :)

Happy Saturday, lovies!