Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are you gonna have a frat bachelor party?!

So, I know it's past Valentine's day, but we didn't go on a Valentine's day date until yesterday. Hence the late post.

First off, even though we didn't go on our date til yesterday, Justin surprised me at the desk Monday night with 25 helium inflated balloons tied to a box of slippers. :)

On Saturday he gave me some lilies that he bought on Monday but kept leaving at work, so I didn't actually get them til Yesterday.

On our date we ate breakfast at Rick's and then went to Harp's to get picnic stuff. Then we drove to Eureka Springs for the day! It was so fun and ended up being such a good day for it! Let me tell y'all though, Eureka Springs has very different people/places.

1. Everyone asked where we were from, and I'm pretty sure they all thought we were staying in Eureka Springs together for the weekend. We weren't. That was annoying.
2. There are a few wedding chapels in Eureka Springs. That's just funny to me. Justin kept telling me we could elope all day. We didn't of course.
3. Stores have really weird names. Pardon my language, but there was a store called Big Boner. Really? That's unnecessary.
We also went to an Amish furniture store where we're pretty sure a guy planted a phone call, so we'd feel guilty. We walked in, said hello, and then his phone rang. All we could hear was his side of the phone convo which went something like, "Yea, there haven't been too many people in here today. Sales aren't doing so good. There's been 2 or 3 people in here." Ouch.
There was also a store called W.T. Focker's Discount Outlet. We ended up going there, and it was a lot like A-Z in Alma but way smaller. We bought a can that had a pull tab top and no label for a quarter. It had WTF? written on the side of it in permanent marker. As far as I know we still don't know what it is.
4. The people there are slightly outrageous sometimes. Or maybe they're just passionate about different stuff than I am. I overheard a conversation between a cashier at a bookstore and a customer about America having the opposite of an Oedipus complex (Electra complex I believe) with our president. We went into an outdoorsy store, and we were looking at a pair of men's jeans trying to guess how much they cost. Justin guessed $150, and before I could guess the sales lady came over and told us that they had replaced their Jack of Spades jeans (Justin and I both said, "Oh. Ok." even though neither of us knew what she was talking about.) with the ones we were looking at. She said they were supposed to be $165, but they were offering an introductory price of $135. She then proceeded to show us how they were double and triple stitched, and how they were stretchy kind of like girls jeans, so you could run from the cops. Yep. Then she started laughing, and so did we...sort of. We kept looking around the store, and she asked us if we were honeymooning. We said something along the lines of "not yet", and Justin made a joke about trying to get me to elope. She asked when I was gonna just do it, and I explained that we actually were getting married at the end of May. She said, "Oh! Really? Where ya gonna do the deed?" I told her where and that we were students at the UofA to which she responded, "Paarrrrrty!" Ha. THEN, she looked at Justin and said, "I bet you're gonna have a big frat bachelor party aren't ya?! Hahahahaha." Justin said he was going to have a bachelor party, but probably not a frat one. I was trying not to laugh my face off. Then she turned to me and said, "What about you? (whisper) Are you gonna have a stripper?" I said absolutely not and that I would kill my friends if I did. She then started her story with, "The first time I got married..." Sad. She proceeded to tell us that her friends hired a stripper, and it was someone she knew, and she was appalled. She said he stripped down to his tighty whities and there was a poop stain on them. She then used some explicitives to finish her story. Who tells strangers that!?!??!!? 

It was a fun day, but y'all Eureka Springs is a funny town. We watched Sherlock Holmes and then went to Geraldi's for dinner. It was a 12 hour date, and it was super fun. 

Happy Sunday y'all. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Internets and Indian Doctors

So, Justin and I have been looking at apartments because, obviously, we need somewhere to live after we get married. We have looked all over Fayetteville I feel like. I would guess that we looked at10-12 and tons more on the internet. I know that 10-12 doesn't seem like a lot, but you look at that many apartments and tell me you're not exhausted.

We looked at them 3 separate times. The first time we were really excited because it was new and fun, and we were getting to plan more of our life together. We looked at one place where the lady's name was Spankie. I'm not kidding. She was SO nice, but I have no clue where that name came from. Justin told me not to ask her. I didn't really plan on it. Ha. That's even the name that was on her business card. She also said "What a blessing" to me as I was talking about being an RA, and Justin and I could hardly contain our laughter (to say I contained mine would be an exaggeration). This is funny because we have a friend who says, "What a blessing" about everything. As a joke. All the time. So, when you hear someone saying it, but they're serious, it is funny. Anyways, we finished that day SUPER exhausted, but had to test cakes after we were done. That was fun. I was cranky, but we both got some sugary goodness and were pretty good to go after that. And, we picked out a cake. Check.

The second time we looked at apartments was ok, but slightly unplanned therefore I don't think our attitudes were as good as they could have been. There was also still snow everywhere. One lady that showed us apartments had the flu. However, I think we found where we're living that day! I think we're 99% sure, so I won't tell you until we're 100%. I am way excited though.

Today was (hopefully) the last day for a while. We only looked at 1, but the man that showed it to us was PRECIOUS. He said the word internets and told us about Washington Regional and his Indian/Injun doctors that he went to in Oklahoma. He also told us that he couldn't run a credit card or look at a computer screen for more than 10 minutes. Way presh, however I don't think we'll be living there.

If you need info about apartments in Fayetteville, I'm your girl. :)

Lovelovelove y'all!

OH! Today is my mom's birthday! She is wonderful, and I am so so so so SO thankful she's my mom. She's been ultra great at helping me plan my wedding, being a mom, and teaching me so much. Love ya, mama!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scurvy and Ramen

So, last night Justin and I went to Walmart to get necessities (contact solution, vitamins, peanut m&m's, and 2 church candles) for the snowpocalypse (PartDeux). We were waiting in line, and Justin asked if I needed any food or anything. I said, no that I still had Ramen from the last snow. He told me I was going to get scurvy. One of his friends apparently got scurvy from eating only Ramen and drinking Mountain Dew. He told me my teeth were going to fall out. As he was saying this, I was trying to figure out how to tell him that the lady in front of us was looking/listening, and she had only 2 teeth. She could see me though, so I couldn't do anything.

She then told us that she lost her teeth from a little grey pill that looked like cement that she took for kidney stones, not from scurvy. Well, she thought it was from the little grey pill at least. She turned back around, and Justin just looked at me. We tried to not look at each other to contain our laughter at the irony of the situation. I made a comment about all the crackers by the checkout.

She continued to talk to us a little bit. Justin just made funny faces as if he were trying not to laugh.

Moral to the story: Don't talk about scurvy in public. You might unknowingly be standing behind a toothless person.

The end. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thoughts of a girl avoiding a paper

  • Welp, the save-the-dates have gone out (some of them :), and our wedding website is up. You'd think I'd get stuff like this done super fast, but it's as close to finished as it's gonna get for now. We're about to start reserving chairs and tables and all that sort of stuff, so if you do happen to check out our website please go ahead and RSVP even if we've talked about you coming or not. If you don't do it, then I'll have to do it later. It'd be super helpful if you could just do it for me. :)

Now, I will be productive.