Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does this count as an update?

Y'all. I think this is really funny. I don't have a mini van or a family (I mean I'm not a mom. I have a family.), but I still think it's hysterical. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's 1am, and I have homework due at 8am that I've yet to start. Oops.

Top 5 favorite things right now:

  1. The 5th floor and the girls that live on it.
  2. How God created us for community. 
  3. Coffee (I think this is almost always on my T5)
  4. The idea of heaven being a home. 
  5. Living and loving Jesus and not living and loving a list. 
I'll elaborate on these later. For now, you should think about these things. :) 


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you know much about tanning lotion? You don't do you.....

Yes. That (if you didn't already, please note the title) was said to me. I know. You're shocked. Believe it or not folks this bronzed glow is all natural.
Sidenote: In case you didn't know, my parents bought a tanning salon (Tan with TLC on Garland), and so I help out as any daughter would.

I spent more time there on Tuesday than I've spent in a tanning salon ever. Promise. I'm not really a tanner. Let's be real though-it's a pretty great job. The shop bought me pizza, and my sweet boyfriend brought me a milkshake (without me asking. duh). Hard life.
So, here's the deal, y'all: after obsessing over a few blogs of women that I adore and want to be someday, I decided that I would do better to keep up with my own. I mean, if they can make time with their children, husbands, and grown-up lives surely a senior in college can, right? We'll see. :) That along with my bestie being across the country and encouragement from others led me to commit to this whole blog thing til the end of the year (for now). 

I hope you enjoy it. Tell me if I'm slacking. I'll do better. :)