Thursday, April 28, 2011

So. Close.

Well, folks, the end (beginning) is drawing near, and I am EXCITED to say the least. Here are some countdowns:
  • Class days: 6
  • Graduation: 17
  • Personal shower (aka Bachelorette Party. I learned that grown ups call these personal showers): 9
  • Getting married: 30 (that is one month, y'all!)
Because I've been terrible at staying updated, here's what I've been doing:
  • School-I know this is shocking to some of you, but really, this semester has been stinking busy with classes I don't need to graduate and one that I do.
  • Job searching-DHS, VistaHealth, Youthbridge, Ozark Guidance
  • Wedding shower-Seriously, this was so fun. I love wedding showers! 
  • Wedding-ing-Ya know, just doing wedding stuff in general. 
  • More school
  • Being on duty-Which I am hopefully done with forever. 
  • Being stressed/sick-Seriously, I think my body realizes I'm stressed more than I actually do. I'm kind of a mess. ha. 
  • Counting my lasts-duty night, StuMo, finals (Praise the Lord), etc. 
  • Loving living with so many wonderful girls/people (My bro lives in the same building too. I love that.)
  • Watching my friends get engaged.There's been like a million. Ok, maybe 6 or 7. 
  • Finishing pre-marriage class. I guess we're ready to get married now. 
  • Seeing my sweet friend Sarah who just came back from a semester of traveling.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    On Community and Quiet

    Y'all. 2 things that bring joy to my soul, seriously bring joy, are community and quiet. Let me explain.

    I love love love the various senses of community that make up my life and the world. There are little things as comforting as the community that I have with my sisters in Christ/best friends/the girls. There is a lack of judgment from these beautiful women that anyone could appreciate, and I get to know them better than lots of other people do. To know that at least one of many girls will always always be there for you is so neat. Knowing that I could tell them anything and entrust them with it completely is so refreshing from previous relationships and oh yea, a lot of the world. I cannot tell you the joy these sweet girls and my wonderful relationships with them bring me.

    I realized my love for community on the Green Bus the other day. I know, that's kind of funny. I was on the bus by myself (do you know that I love public transportation? I do.), and we were coming up to my stop. It's a common stop, Lot 56, many students who desire to not pay more to park closer simply ride the bus up and down the hill that is the UofA to avoid walking an extra 20 minutes each way. (Who has that kind of time?) Well, as I said, generally, this is a pretty common stop. This day, the bus driver decided he would announce it and if no one got up, he'd just keep going. Well ya see, I don't have super balance therefore I don't usually get up until the bus stops. However, this day, I was the only one getting off. The bus driver said, "No one?" over the loud speaker and started to speed up. I started to get up and as I was opening my mouth to say, "No sir. Please stop. Me me me. I need to get off here." (or something like that.) at least 3 other people said, "You've got one!" "No, wait" or something like that. I assumed then, that they were getting off as well. The bus stopped, and I got off. Alone. It is a small thing, but how kind of people to speak for me when I was very capable of doing it myself. How friendly. I don't even know those people. Is that Arkansas community? Green bus community? I don't know, but it made my heart smile and make me realize that I adore a solid sense of community. This may explain my love for the dorms that I so want to leave, but still don't at the same time.

    My quiet ties into my community. Particularly, with my friend Kelsey. I appreciate so greatly people that you can be with and be quiet and not be uncomfortable or think it's awkward, but really relish it and enjoy it. Kelsey is one of those people that I can do this with. This is funny because I'm not sure if we've ever actually spoken about it, but it is a joyful thing that two very messy spirits can be in one place together and just be. Don't get me wrong I appreciate your words and descriptions and stories, but I still adore that sweet silence. Honestly, I feel like that connects to people more than talking all. the. time. It's a soul soother.

    Ya know what else is?

    Also, let the countdown continue that I will be a wifey in 43 days. Oh my heavens. That's soon.


    Wednesday, April 6, 2011


    Sometimes I get to see my fiance. Like, we get to be in the same meetings sitting by each other but not really talking. Still though, we are by each other.

    Sometimes I get to actually spend time with and talk to my fiance.....not just sit by him. Those times are rare and sweet.

    Most times we text each other more than we actually talk because or schedules do not match well right now.

    That's a bummer.

    52 days.

    That's not a lot of times left.

    Praise. The. Lord.