Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Powdered Donuts

Justin and I, we fight. We are married, so of course we do, but we fight about dumb stuff and real stuff. One of our more ridiculous fights happened last week. (One week before we are supposed to be on a panel of married people for engaged couples. #humbling) It is funny, and I don't wanna forget it, if for nothing else than a good story. Here's how it went:

My mom gave us Easter baskets for Easter. In these baskets were those little 6 packs of powdered donuts. I ate 3 for breakfast one morning (because I prefer the chocolate ones to the white ones, not because I think 3 teeny, calorie-filled donuts are a good breakfast) and put the others in a Ziploc bag. Justin ate the other 3 at some point. No big. A few nights later I was cooking dinner, and Justin was apparently starving. He ate 3 of the donuts from the other pack. He asked me what he should do with the rest. I said, "Put them in a Ziploc or something. I'll eat them eventually." He said, no, they are bad for us. I shall throw them away. (He didn't say shall, probably).
Me: "That is wasteful. No. Don't throw them away. Just keep them, and I'll eat them. I don't care."
Him: "But they are bad for us. Neither of us should eat them."
Me: (frustratedly and loudly) "Don't throw them away. Why are you being ridiculous?"
Then, he looked at me, and said "They're bad for us." And threw. them. away. 
Him: "I, uh, shouldn't have done that, but I -"
I continued to cook. Angrily. He did something on the couch. I don't know what because I was trying not cry (because I cry when I am mad.) I didn't cry, I just yelled in my head. Once I calmed down (some), I told him that I did not want to fight about donuts. I don't care about donuts. He hurt my feelings and was disrespectful and ignored what I said. He, immediately y'all, stood up, hugged me, and apologized. He said he handled the situation very poorly. He is humble. Hopefully, I will learn that from him. I am not anywhere near as quick to apologize to him like he does to me. 

Thanks for being patient with me, lobe.