Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lots and lots of coffee

Hey again ya'll! So, to start off, I must tell ya'll that no one from Kansas says ya'll. It's really weird. Ha. I love them though!

I'm sorry again that it takes me like 20 years to update this, but being internetless is difficult.

Random updates in no specific order:
We've had 2 functions/socials so far. The first one was a neon rave, and last night we had a function called Mathletes and Athletes and my group dressed up as a ping pong team. Yep. They're awesome.
Also, mom, if you ever doubted I was your daughter, I look just like you. See the neon picture?

Work is going well. This Office Depot is a whole different world for me. Even the customers are different, but it's good, and I have regulars so that's exciting!

We have been talking a lot about prayer this week and I love it! It's really neat to be reminded of the power of prayer and how God listens to our prayers.

Also, we're doing a 2 week series on Holiness in the media we intake and it's so awesome! I loved it last summer and I feel like I appreciate it even more now. It's crazy how the stuff we watch/listen to affects our walk with God.

AND, this Sunday is Father's day. I felt like ya'll should know that I have the best daddy in the world. Promise. Happy almost Father's day daddy! I love you a lot!

We have been on 3 D-group dates thus far (where a guys D-group takes a girls D-group on a date) and they have been super fun! All the guys here are great, so it's awesome getting to know them in a not awkward situation. What's really neat is that none of them have been with Arkansas groups, so we are getting to know people from other schools really well! For one date we went with an OSU group to get dessert, then walked around the bay, and then went to a surprise birthday party for one of the staff wives.
On the second one we went with a K-State group to play volleyball on the beach and then ate delicious food at this place called Crab Trap. It was so good and so fun!

For the most recent one we went to another OSU groups condo and played cranium, drank Shirley Temples (virgin ones of course), and ate brownies that the guys forgot to put eggs in. It was like chocolate gum. Delicious chocolate gum. Also, fun. My team (the other leader and myself) won. Go leaders.That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I would love to know what's goin on in ya'll's lives, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me posted! I love and miss you all! Praying for you!

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  1. You are so precious. As are all your girls! Oh my, I miss you so much!
    Loved reading your update. Continue to update; I promise I'll read. :)