Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you know much about tanning lotion? You don't do you.....

Yes. That (if you didn't already, please note the title) was said to me. I know. You're shocked. Believe it or not folks this bronzed glow is all natural.
Sidenote: In case you didn't know, my parents bought a tanning salon (Tan with TLC on Garland), and so I help out as any daughter would.

I spent more time there on Tuesday than I've spent in a tanning salon ever. Promise. I'm not really a tanner. Let's be real though-it's a pretty great job. The shop bought me pizza, and my sweet boyfriend brought me a milkshake (without me asking. duh). Hard life.
So, here's the deal, y'all: after obsessing over a few blogs of women that I adore and want to be someday, I decided that I would do better to keep up with my own. I mean, if they can make time with their children, husbands, and grown-up lives surely a senior in college can, right? We'll see. :) That along with my bestie being across the country and encouragement from others led me to commit to this whole blog thing til the end of the year (for now). 

I hope you enjoy it. Tell me if I'm slacking. I'll do better. :)

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