Thursday, April 28, 2011

So. Close.

Well, folks, the end (beginning) is drawing near, and I am EXCITED to say the least. Here are some countdowns:
  • Class days: 6
  • Graduation: 17
  • Personal shower (aka Bachelorette Party. I learned that grown ups call these personal showers): 9
  • Getting married: 30 (that is one month, y'all!)
Because I've been terrible at staying updated, here's what I've been doing:
  • School-I know this is shocking to some of you, but really, this semester has been stinking busy with classes I don't need to graduate and one that I do.
  • Job searching-DHS, VistaHealth, Youthbridge, Ozark Guidance
  • Wedding shower-Seriously, this was so fun. I love wedding showers! 
  • Wedding-ing-Ya know, just doing wedding stuff in general. 
  • More school
  • Being on duty-Which I am hopefully done with forever. 
  • Being stressed/sick-Seriously, I think my body realizes I'm stressed more than I actually do. I'm kind of a mess. ha. 
  • Counting my lasts-duty night, StuMo, finals (Praise the Lord), etc. 
  • Loving living with so many wonderful girls/people (My bro lives in the same building too. I love that.)
  • Watching my friends get engaged.There's been like a million. Ok, maybe 6 or 7. 
  • Finishing pre-marriage class. I guess we're ready to get married now. 
  • Seeing my sweet friend Sarah who just came back from a semester of traveling.

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