Monday, June 7, 2010


Oh my goodness, I am so excited! I FINALLY got to meet my teammate today! She is incredible! I cannot wait to spend the summer with her!

For the past 2 days I have been in Palm Beach, FL doing a leaderish type of training for this summer. Rough life, I know. However, although we are in Palm Beach, we've been spending most of our time in a dorm/cafeteria/classroom. I did get to go to the beach this morning, but it required getting up at 6am to fit it into the schedule. Worth it? Debatable. We did see dolphins though, so that's super excited.

During the training we've been instructed on pretty much anything and everything you can imagine to prepare for this summer. It's super overwhelming. There's so much that goes into everything that I had no clue about. It's challenging, but I know I will grow a ton from it. :)

It's only training, but ridiculous/funny/awesome things have been happening already. I've used 17 pages in my journal, and I've only been here for 4 days! All that to say I should have lots of stories when I get back assuming I keep it up.

**Sorry this is all so random. I'm doing it in short intervals when I have time.

Fun facts:
1. There are 10ish people (I don't remember if it's 10 or 12) here from UofA. Isn't that cool?! We make up 10% of the total group! NWA is so great!
2. A lot of the students here go to Christian schools where the ratio is like 1 guy to 7 girls. Isn't that nuts?!
3. Less than 1% of North American missionaries go to unreached peoples (You can read about what an unreached people group is in my last newsletter). Most of the teams (about 21) this summer are going to unreached peoples! Isn't that cool!?
4. I'm still in America which is why I'm using all of these "Christiany" words. :)

I miss you all!

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