Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I know, I've slacked.

So, I said I would do better this time, and I was....then I wasn't again. Oops. Life hit me in the face, and this was the last thing on my mind. Correction: probably 2nd to last. Homework was last which is why this week is kicking my butt. I'm so good at procrastinating. Thanks, mom. :)-kidding.

I had a wonderful thanksgiving with almost the entire side of my mom's family. I might have pictures later. I'll try real hard to at least. There were so many people staying at our house. The den was like a little camp for all of the kids. We played lots of Banagrams and a little bit of Life, and my brother, cousin, and I all got dominated by Justin at Monopoly.

AND we went to see Tangled. I was excited. I loved it. :)

My uncle went hunting and killed a bobcat. That was gross and neat.

I loved loved loved spending time with my fam. I am so so blessed and get to have wonderful parents and extended fam.

Good news: The heat in Humphreys finally got turned on.
Bad news: It wasn't working on my half of my floor.
I've been doing homework (and sleeping in) a onesie and one glove. (You can't use a mouse on a laptop with a glove on, so my right hand just had to deal with it.) One night I slept with a hot hands in my onesie. True story.
Best news: The heat on my floor got fixed yesterday. Praise. The. Lord.

Well, my random 15 minutes I didn't know what to do with is up, so hopefully I'll update again sooner than last time. :)


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