Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding planning part 1

Man, y'all. There is way more that goes into planning a wedding than I realized. So far we (Justin, Mom, besties and I) have venue shopped, gotten my ring sized, dress shopped, registered (only at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so far) Here's our registry if you wanna take a look. Let's start with that......

Yesterday we spent 3-3 and 1/2 hours at BBandB deciding what we wanted our currently non-existent residence to look like. Ha. Let's talk about being unprepared. I feel like it could've been shortened if we would've thought at all about what we wanted our home to look like before walking in those automatic doors, but we didn't. Really though, it was so fun. The whole thing started with Justin telling everyone we walked by that we were getting married. He asked another couple with a gun if they were getting married and the man very shortly said, "Yes." He did not seem excited to be registering at all. I giggled a lot. When Deanna, the very friendly Bridal Consultant, was helping us set up, she asked if we wanted China. We said no we didn't really need or want it. She said that was fine, but thought we might want something pretty to look at every day. Justin said he would look at me everyday if he wanted to look at something pretty. I giggled some more. She said that that was the perfect response. She was right. I sometimes forget how sweet of a man I have. He does stuff like that a lot. Thanks, beau.

Anyways, the first section we came to (because I like to go in order) was towels. I immediately wished I would've thought a little more about registering before that second. I never paid attention to how many towels there are. It was kind of a funny start because although I think I'm not picky, I didn't like either of the 2 colors Justin picked. I think this is mostly because I didn't know what anything else in the bathroom (the shower curtain for example) would look like. We got some neutrals that will hopefully match anything. Shower curtains are overwhelming my Google Chrome tabs currently. I'm probably gonna end up just buying one with a gift card instead of registering for one though. How do you pick stuff if you don't know where your living or what your going to own? If there are any wifeys reading this, please please please give me any advice you have. I'm compiling a book of knowledge...promise.
After bath stuff we came to comforters. Let's be real. I'm a girl. A girlly girl. I love flowers and pink and stuff like that. I'm marrying a man who is a manly man and doesn't love flowers and and pink and stuff. I really like the one we ended up picking, but it was a funny process getting there. We actually picked out a duvet, and it was really funny trying to explain why you'd rather use a duvet than a normal blanket. Justin thinks they're dumb.
The whole experience was so fun. It kind of felt like I was doing something I shouldn't. I was so tired by the end though. There is a lot of stuff in that store, and we have no idea what stuff we actually need. I of course, don't want just anything, I want to pick out stuff I love which takes even more time. There was just way more to it than I realized. Apparently we're supposed to register at more stores, but I don't know where. I love Target, but multiple people have told me it's terrible for wedding registers. Again, suggestions please?

After that we went to see the new Narnia movie. It was good. The first was my fave though. It was so fun to spend a whole entire day with just him. I don't think in our whole dating relationship we've done that. I think that's good. We never wanted to be hanging out with only each other, but being engaged is fun because now we can and it's ok!

We have also venue shopped a little bit. I'm learning so much about fees and rules that I think are dumb. Examples: you must have a licensed caterer at some places, there is fee for electrical feed at some places, it's usually $1,000 more to reserve somewhere on a Saturday than any other day, cake cutting fees? Man, I'm learning so much.

And, I bought a dress. I'm excited. I'd show you a picture, but that would just be silly. On the topic of pictures, I'll show you some I swear. They're not in my possession right now though, so it's pretty impossible.



  1. Some advice: (I made a lot of registering mistakes...) White is good. I always thought it was boring, but I now regret not registering for more white stuff. White dishes, white towels, white bathroom accessories, etc. (It never goes out of style, and matches everything...) Register for every kitchen gadget/utensil/serving dish there is. Even if you don't know what it is now, or think you won't really use it, it will come in handy later. Register for a wide range of prices. Don't feel guilty registering for something that is $200. There might be someone out there that wants to spend that much on you! Register at (at least) one "nicer" place. Like Dillards or Pottery Barn. I didn't, and I wish I did. Target is terrible for registering, so if you do decide to register there, only do stuff you KNOW you want. If you aren't sure on some items, do BB&B- they are fabulous on returns. I am a little passionate about registering because I so wish I could go back in time and do it over again. So excited for you!

  2. BEAU.
    You used the word 'beau.'
    I'm jelly.
    I love you so much, and I'm so excited about you! Have fun, learn a lot, and take notes, in case I go through this one day. :)