Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sorry about the delay

I've been getting married, honeymooning, and being a wifey! Hard life, I know.

Y'all. I'M MARRIED! Eeeeeek!

I love love loved my wedding despite the location change. That actually made me love it more. It was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. It would not have been so without my incredibly awesome bridesmaids/wedding party/family. Seriously, I feel like I did nothing day of and they set everything up and took everything down for me. If there were bridesmaids wars, mine would dominate yours anyday. Promise. Ha. Sorry, that was a little intense, but seriously, they're super. Also, not a bridesmaid, but my dear friend SarahJo was a super wedding coordinator day of. I have such super friends!

Really, I don't even know where to begin, so this is simply an announcement that I am back, and for your enjoyment a video of a spider that I took. Chels, don't watch it, but just listen to the audio. I recorded it for Justin, but it's pretty entertaining, so I'll share with y'all.


  1. I watched it. Hilarious! He's still MOVIN! haha, you're funny, friendy.

  2. ha ha ha! that made me laugh out loud. you are hilarious! :)