Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Y'all. I have had some great bosses in my day. Seriously. First off, I know, I'm only 23. I haven't worked a ton, but I've had a few jobs and even more bosses. Specifically, about 7 jobs (9 if you count that I worked at 3 different Office Depots) and about 11 bosses. That's not even counting assistant managers/bosses. I really really enjoyed most of them. Most. :) Currently, I thoroughly enjoy both my work environment and my bosses. Isn't that neat? That's such a blessing. I don't want anyone who hates their job to think I'm rubbing in this, I just realize that it truly is a blessing. I mean, I spend sooo much time at work.

A lot of people ask me what I do/what my typical day looks like. Well, both of those are weird answers and sort of make my job seem shady. I'll do my best to fill you in. The random-ness is one of the things I cherish about this job because doing the same thing every day is bo-ring.

Over the last few weeks I have:
  • Sat in meetings and took notes. 
  • Scheduled things. 
  • Learned...well am learning, how to self publish a book and an e-book.
  • Ordered books. 
  • Gone to the news to help with client interviews. See one here if you're that interested. 
  • Gone to a chapel event at a medical facility....also, I got blessed an anointed with oil at one of these when I first started. Not kidding. I've been to a lot of churches and that hasn't happened to me before. Check that off my list.
  • Delivered pies to local medical facilities between here and Bentonville.
  • Written Christmas/Holiday cards. 
  • Learned about how/what companies make Deal Piggy and stuff work on the back end
  • Blog/facebook for a few clients...I get to start Pinterest-ing soon I hope! 
  • Written legal docs to start up an LLC. Yes, written.
  • and more. :)
Guess what I'm doing tonight? Making more laundry detergent but with a new recipe! So excited! Seriously. I'll keep you posted.

Lovey love.

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