Friday, January 6, 2012

The last year of Ever

Welp, rumor has it that this is the last year ever. Sorry 'bout ya, Mayans, but my guess is that you are mistaken. I mean, I could be wrong...but I also couldn't. What if it was the last year of Ever though, y'all. It could be scary to do that, but also really stinkin awesome. You could justify quitting your job, doing whatever the heck you want, spending however much you want, going wherever you want, wowie. Here's what I'd do:

1. See. My. Chelsea. Lordy, I miss that girl.
2. Travel my face off. All the continents y'all. (Although I hate cold, I'd go to Antarctica for the Polar Bears). Also, if you're a realist like me, this would be paid for by the mondo loan I'd take out since I wouldn't have to pay it back.
3. I think I'd shave my head. Maybe not. Idk.
4. On the polar bear note, I would have to snuggle one. I'd just have to.
5. Then again, the world would probably just go crazy before then and everyone else would hoard up all the I'll stop my silly list now.

We're officially moved into our new apartment. It's starting to feel like home to me. The first night we were here watching a movie it felt like we were house sitting or something. I'll show you some pictures soon. My sweet Justin hung up a ton of stuff for me, but there are still a few things we need to do. Currently, I'm deciding where to place the bassinet. The one we bought for the wedding to be a drink cooler, which then became a blanket holder in our home, and now won't fit in the living room. Justin says we should save it for a baby (y'all it is weird to think there may be a baby in my belly or our house one day that we are responsible for. Yikes.) It's cute and neat because it was at our wedding, but it's also only gonna used for a short period of time and who knows if we'll even be here then. You know I'm not taking that thing out of the country.

Tonight is cheese party and the Cotton Bowl, but I must admit, I am WAY more excited about cheese party. It's exactly what it sounds like, a party where we eat cheese.

Go Hogs. Woo Pig. 

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