Friday, October 12, 2012

Spring Breaks - Part 2

If you're wondering why I'm telling you about Spring Breaks from college, read below. If you wanna read about the first one, click here.

So, I got to thinking. I have a lot of stories that I don't want to forget. Not like, ultra cool, life-altering stories, but they are stories and they are mine. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some taught me something. Some are lovey. Since I don't want to forget my stories, I have decided to compile them here. Maybe it will be like a 50 First Dates kind of thing and someone will read them if they get amnesia or dementia or something. I don't want that to happen, but it's plausible, I guess. Also, maybe my babies or babies' babies will read them. I would l-o-v-e love to read stories from grandmas or mom when they were in their 20s. (If you don't know me, folks, it seems that I have to have a reason to do something. Not just a 'Hey this seems like fun. I'll do it.' reason. Weird. I think I just learned that about myself.) Anyways, #storykeeper, y'all.

Sophomore Year:
I can say pretty confidently that this was my favorite trip ever. 6 of us and a paper cut out of our friend Sarah drove a total of 61hrs round trip to Boston and back in my parents' car with our luggage strapped to the back.

Along the way we stopped outside of Nashville at Julie's uncle's house, New York, Philly, Boston and Annapolis, Maryland. Having 6 people in one car for that long had its moments for sure, but we had a shout cup that we made strongly suggested everyone put something in every now and then to say anything they wanted without getting hated on. I still have the papers somewhere, I think, but they ranged from serious, whiney things like, "Please no more country!" and "I hate Firehouse" to "Sarah (paper cut out) and Jason should date." They're hilarious.

A few happenings on the trip:

  • Along the way, somewhere in Tennessee I believe, we were looking for food and the GPS said "Beach Creek Deli". It sounded pleasant, but it seemed a ways off the highway we were on. So, we went, obviously. After driving down back, windy roads and a few of us almost vomming we passed a closed down, ghetto gas station called "BeechCreek Deli". Yea. We didn't stop. Here she is:
  • Annapolis. Probably doesn't mean a lot to a lot of you, but it was actually my and Chelsea's second time there. There's a Naval Academy there, and it's just a stinkin' cute town, y'all! Chels and I made up a story about being interviewed for a documentary and using British accents. I think everyone believed us for a while, but we told them we were kidding later. We also stood outside and danced to Diva by Beyonce somewhere in Annapolis. 

  • Boston. I want to go back here. So. Bad. We didn't get to spend as much time here as we'd like, but it was still so great. We ate dinner with our (now) friends John and Heather. They were locals at the time, so they showed us around a bit, and we got to go to the John Hancock building where Heather worked. Turns out we were in Boston on St. Patrick's day and it was CRAZY. We heard tons of f-bombs on the subway, and the subway STOPPED WORKING while we were on it. No one did anything except the guys we were with. Ha! We went to a restaurant, The Barking Crab, which came highly recommended by a cursing, tour guide man. He said he used to be a chef. Who knows. We also went to Harvard (!), and it was beautiful, but people blew whistles if you got on the grass. I think they had orange vests on, too. When we we there we met a freshman girl whose major was Neurobiology or something. Seriously. We didn't belong, but it was SO pretty. 

  • Philadelphia. I had the first and only Philly Cheese Steak I've ever really enjoyed here at Pat's. It's famous, apparently. We were only here for maybe an hour, so we didn't do much more than eat. We did run up the Rocky steps. I've never seen Rocky, so I don't know what that means, and I didn't run them; I video-taped other people running up them. :)

  • New York. We did so much here and were so exhausted, and it was so worth it. We saw Wall Street, went to a Charity:Water exhibit, went to Central Park, Times Square (where we saw a car wreck) and the Seinfeld Restaurant. We maneuvered the subways, didn't get mugged, saw the WTC memorial, went to Chelsea Market, Canal Street, rode a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and watched the boys gooze on 2 German girls. 
May have been photobombing....

Other things not to be forgotten:
  • Someone may or may not have said they would hide under someone's bed during their honeymoon. Yep.

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