Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Spend Week

1. Happy Saturday, y'all. I love quiet Saturdays. 

2. After reading this blog I decided (and coerced a few of my friends) to do a no spend week. I don't spend that much money. I mean, my room and board and school are paid for, and, let's be real, if I go somewhere with Justin he generally pays for me because he's just a gentleman like that. Still though, I'm really great at unnecessary WalMart trips, Sonic Happy Hour, buying music, and buying things just because they're cheap. It's been relatively easy and has shown me how much random stuff I like to purchase. Now, we (the girls that did it with me and myself) have decided to do a no spend week once a month. If we do it once a month for a year that's 12 weeks, or 3 months, that we aren't spending money! That's so cool. It hasn't been hard this week because I haven't been forced to get creative for anything (example, baby shower/birthday/pot luck etc.) I'd be kind of excited for that though. :) Anyways, we're done on Monday, but will do it again next month. You should totally do it with us. :)

3. I get to go home today and I am SO excited. I miss my home and my mom and my dad and my aunt and my uncle and my cousins and my bestie and my Blakely and my puppies and I think they're all gonna be there. :) 

4. That's all. Lovelovelove ya. 

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