Monday, January 10, 2011

I think 2011 will be my favorite year yet

Y'all. I've super slacked. My apologies. Let me update you as briefly as I can because no one wants to read a novel.

On the wedding front, here's what we've done:

  • Registered at Dillards and Kohl's. (Please note the rhino statue and woodlands mug on the Kohl's registry...guess who did that.) Also, Justin only registered us for a pepper grinder, so if you decide a pepper grinder is the gift we need, maybe grab a salt shaker too. :) I love registering. It's so fun. It's so fun with Justin. We have one store left, and I think it will be my fave. 
  • Bought Justin's suit! It was half off-bonus, and he looks quite dashing in it-double bonus.
  • I feel like we are so close to figuring out where we're getting married. I'm real excited about that. 
  • I got our save the dates in the mail yesterday. (Which I had 2 coupons for when I ordered them thank you very much.)
  • We figured out where we're honeymooning-Denver. I'm thrilled. I've never been west, so it'll be new for me, and there's a zoo. I LOVE zoos, and I love Justin, so I'm sure it will be fun. :)
  • I bought some stuff at thrift stores for our wedding. I'm excited about that. 
Here's what else I've done over the break:
  • Been sick. Yep. The first day I moved home I got super sick. With that on top of other things, I was useless for nearly a week. Bummer. 
  • Over Christmas I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra with Justin's family and had Christmas in Conway with mom's side of the family. On Christmas day my daddy's side of the fam came to our house. 
  • I went to StuMo Conference which was incredible! I'm so thankful for a ministry (and a church) that teaches truth even if it isn't easy. StuMo has been the thing God has used most to change my life in college. I'm thankful. I got to see tons of friends from my first Kaleo who go to other schools. I also got to see and spend time with my sweet friend Sarah who I don't get to see often since she moved to Kansas. She has a beautiful new baby and was full of great advice. I adore her-Shout out to Sarah: thanks for the registering advice. I soooooooooo appreciate it.
This is some of us at the conference
  • After SMC some of us went to our friend Rachel's house in Bartlesville, OK, and it was so fun! If I were gonna live in Oklahoma, I'd totally want to live in Bartlesville. We went thrifting and ate super well. Rachel's mom is an incredible cook! (Her dad is a great griller too:) We watched girly movies and painted nails and did hair. It was a blast. 
We also went to QuikTrip. We love QuikTrip.

  • I had so much fun in Oklahoma, but I was gone for nearly a week. I was missing home and missing Justin by the time I got back. Justin came to see me the first night I was back, and look what I got when he walked in the door-
I'm. So. Thankful. 

Tomorrow I'm moving back into Humphreys for the last time to start RA training. Now, I will go pack, so I can hopefully go with Sarah to get her haircut tomorrow. 



  1. I love your coupons and half-off things. You're great. :)

  2. So glad you put those pics up. How lovely.