Thursday, February 17, 2011

Internets and Indian Doctors

So, Justin and I have been looking at apartments because, obviously, we need somewhere to live after we get married. We have looked all over Fayetteville I feel like. I would guess that we looked at10-12 and tons more on the internet. I know that 10-12 doesn't seem like a lot, but you look at that many apartments and tell me you're not exhausted.

We looked at them 3 separate times. The first time we were really excited because it was new and fun, and we were getting to plan more of our life together. We looked at one place where the lady's name was Spankie. I'm not kidding. She was SO nice, but I have no clue where that name came from. Justin told me not to ask her. I didn't really plan on it. Ha. That's even the name that was on her business card. She also said "What a blessing" to me as I was talking about being an RA, and Justin and I could hardly contain our laughter (to say I contained mine would be an exaggeration). This is funny because we have a friend who says, "What a blessing" about everything. As a joke. All the time. So, when you hear someone saying it, but they're serious, it is funny. Anyways, we finished that day SUPER exhausted, but had to test cakes after we were done. That was fun. I was cranky, but we both got some sugary goodness and were pretty good to go after that. And, we picked out a cake. Check.

The second time we looked at apartments was ok, but slightly unplanned therefore I don't think our attitudes were as good as they could have been. There was also still snow everywhere. One lady that showed us apartments had the flu. However, I think we found where we're living that day! I think we're 99% sure, so I won't tell you until we're 100%. I am way excited though.

Today was (hopefully) the last day for a while. We only looked at 1, but the man that showed it to us was PRECIOUS. He said the word internets and told us about Washington Regional and his Indian/Injun doctors that he went to in Oklahoma. He also told us that he couldn't run a credit card or look at a computer screen for more than 10 minutes. Way presh, however I don't think we'll be living there.

If you need info about apartments in Fayetteville, I'm your girl. :)

Lovelovelove y'all!

OH! Today is my mom's birthday! She is wonderful, and I am so so so so SO thankful she's my mom. She's been ultra great at helping me plan my wedding, being a mom, and teaching me so much. Love ya, mama!

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