Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is my life

So, I without a doubt should be doing something else right now, but I'm gonna take a few minutes and finish a post I started a while ago. A girl can take a quick break from necessary things right?


Y'all, probably one of the most irritating things about myself is how much I don't want help, unless it's from my daddy or brother, doing anything that girls don't typically do. Ask Justin. It's dumb. I'm working on it. BUT, this week I did something I'm super proud of: Unclogging my gross sink drain. I don't know if you've ever tried this (with a drain I'm not allowed to use chemicals on AND the stopper doesn't come out), but it's hard. I bent and used a wire hanger to pull out ridiculous amounts of hair and some weird black substance. It was disgusting. I almost took a picture because I was proud of it, but I thought was gross to most people.
I'm so cool. I know.

Also on the cleaning note, wanna know how awesome my friends are? My sweet sweet friend, Rachel, sat with me on carpet and rubbed her hands around to help me make hair balls to throw away because the vacuums in this building are terrible and don't suck anything up. So, my carpet technically still needs to be vacuumed, but there's less hair. Thanks, Rach.

On Sunday the girls and I were coming back from a meeting, and it had been raining. The second we were getting out of the car to come in it started pouring. I love the rain, and it wasn't super cold, so I thought it was pretty enjoyable. However, I was holding books and stuff, so we all started running. Well, boys from the dorm next to our started yelling and cheering us on. (From what I heard they weren't being inappropriate which is a complete shock to me since living with a lot of boys. I appreciated that.) Kelsey yelled "I'm limping!" to us because her leg has been hurting for a while, and one of the boys yelled back, "Yea, you are wet!" What? Sir, that's not at all what she said. Ha. We couldn't stop laughing. This is way lamer typed out, but we could hardly breathe we were laughing so hard.

Wedding favors are dumb. The ones you buy are at least. Seriously, who cares if I have a sticker with our names on it on the bottom of a Reeses. Lame.

When I was doing a round the other night I saw a boy walking around the building in a very short dress being videotaped because he lost a bet. It was great. Welcome to dorm life.

And, for your entertainment...
There's a part 2 and an autotuned version also.



  1. Disclaimer: I am NOT judging you, only allowing you into the world of "Angela's Weaknesses."

    soooo that small section about rubbing your hands together to get the hair out of your carpet is sick. nasty. lol, I hate touching hair when it has fallen on the floor... Just one of my little things, I guess.

    In other news, I'm sure if you just gave out Reeses in a basket that said, "Love, Justin & Celeste" ...I'd say thank YOU and take my little wedding favor with a smile :)

  2. I agree... wedding favors are dumb. Not doing them :) lol