Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grown Up!

Welp, even though I just got a new job, I just got a different one. I put in my 2 weeks notice at Boingo Bounce (which I LOVE working at by the way) to jump into the business world. Yep. I, who loves children and studied them, am going to become a power-suit and pump wearing business machine. Just kidding, but I do love women's suits. Don't hate. How cute is this?
Thanks, J.Crew
How unique is this?! Just kidding. I think it's really weird. Sorry Alexander McQueen.
Anyways, I'm sure I'll be learning a lot. It was a weird decision to make because I was still interviewing with an organization I love, but after much thought and prayer I decided that this decision was right. This was immediately followed with a lot of questions as to whether or not I'm being irresponsible, but I've already told the other place (Children's House if you were wondering) no, and committed to my new boss, Steve. Now, I will let my yes be yes and be a business lady, and I am thrilled (irresponsible or not).

This also leads to another big change in my life. I'm getting.....a smart phone. Yep. That's right, y'all. This hater  lover-of-not-always-being-accessible is getting one. My boss suggested it and someone (Chelsea) really wants me to get an iPhone to FaceTime her. I don't know about that because I can Skype her from my compy, but her chances have greatly increased. Any smartphone suggestions/advice out there?! I'd love it. I'll be making a purchase soon because my old contract just ended! Before I jump on this bandwagon though let me just point out that it isn't smartphones I hate. Nor do I hate the people who have them. I hate that I will always be accessible, and I extra don't like seeing people on their phones all. the. time. If I ever do that, please rebuke me. Seriously.

Happy almost weekend, y'all!

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  1. Proud of you, sister!
    I'll rebuke you for the smartphone thing if you'll rebuke me. I also hate that.
    Also, I love JCrew. and I'm (weirdly) envious that you have a real grown-up job. :)