Tuesday, August 2, 2011

See ya summer

Y'all, first off I want to say that although it is 100andsomething degrees outside, I still, undoubtedly, love summer one trillion times more than winter, and I would prefer this weather over freezing any day except Christmas. So, all you haters wishing it were winter and complaining, I'll be doing it when we have 12 feet of snow. Bleh. That's all.

On another note, I GOT A JOB! Well, a part time job. At Boingo Bounce! Even better, with my friend Ashley! I'm so thrilled! I'm obviously still searching since I need a full time job ideally, but I'm thrilled! Bonus: I start tomorrow. Double bonus: it takes 4 minutes to get there from my house. Neato, huh? Thanks, Jesus. So, now I will be a grown up, and work. #notreally

This is a super random post because I haven't posted in a while, but if you weren't at New Heights Sunday, you must must must listen to the service online. There are few sermons/talks that I would listen to multiple times, but this is one. That one isn't on the website yet, but you should absolutely listen to this one. It's so wonderful, and Chels gives her testimony at the end. She was "for real a rebel". :) Hope you're not mad I did this Chels. :)

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