Monday, August 29, 2011

My New Smarty-pants Phone

Well y'all, it is done. I now have a big girl phone. An HTC Inspire to be exact. I like her. I'm still getting used to her, and currently I'm typing this with only my right index finger. Efficient I know. Justin says I need to start using my thumbs, and I don't really know why I don't. That's how I texted on my old phone. Pointer Finger just seems like the best choice right now. It's pretty neato that I can blog on here though. She doesn't have a name yet, buy I'd like to shoutout to my old phone Zena- You were a trooper and made it through 2 years of drops, babysitting, being dropped in vom while babysitting (not joking), being run under water, being caked in hairspray and face oil, and of course much calling and texting. You're my backup now, but it's time for you to rest. Live strong Zena.
You're touched, I know.

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