Thursday, December 15, 2011

Echinoderms, hot cocoa, and dental implants.

All 3 of those things are very random, but what I'm currently thinking about. Here's why:

Echinoderms: I thought both hippos and rhinos were those. I was wrong. I thought of it because my twitter background is cutie hippos and my brother's is rhinos. We love big animals apparently. Also, I love polar bears, but yes, I know they'll rip my face off. Thanks for shooting my dreams down to hug one.

Tell me that's not cute. You can't. 

Hot cocoa: I don't really like hot cocoa mix unless it's in milk. Also, I don't really use hot chocolate mix. I use sugar, cocoa, vanilla, salt, and, duh, milk. 

Dental implants: I've been researching them a lot for work. Random, but true. I lovey love my job, y'all. It's random, but so great. I'm so thankful. It's so neat how God provides. 

Family Christmas this weekend, Justin's birthday on Monday, and our work Christmas party on Monday! Woo! Speaking of work Christmas, here's something I do at work: Random. 

Lovey love. 

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  1. Right. Those are so random. But I guess that’s how our mind works, one thought leading to another. Why were you thinking of dental implants? Are your teeth bugging you? Hopefully you won't need one anytime soon! :)

    Josh Brockmann @ StarBrite Dental