Monday, January 24, 2011


I love a lot of people...well I think I do. But, one person I love and adore and admire so so so much is my little brother. I think he is wonderful, and I have loved watching him grow in college. In the past year and a half he has turned into such a man. A godly man. I have a friend, Jason, and I've been told that I treat him like a brother. When I told him that, he said I treat him meaner than I do my own brother because I think my brother is a saint. I laughed, but he's right. I do.

Recently, a group of us was bowling for my friend Julie's birthday. In the lane next to us a lady that worked at the bowling alley was putting bowling balls from the holder thing back onto the shelves. We were all watching whoever was bowling, but I noticed my brother get up and help her put them up. Granted, that's not a huge deal, but that is her job, not his. None of us noticed or even thought to do that except him. He does stuff like that all the time. I. Love. Him. SO much. 

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