Friday, January 21, 2011

Extra random thoughts.....

  • I didn't know that I get a wedding band. Seriously. I thought my engagement ring was all I needed. I've been informed that I'm wrong. 
  • Choosing colors is probably the most stressful thing I've done, except it's not really that stressful. I still haven't chosen, and I've decided not to choose. I think it will be easier to do it as I go. If you think this is the dumbest decision ever, please tell me kindly. :)
  • Justin's back from Arizona, and I'm SO excited. I'll be even more excited when I can spend a good chunk of time with him. 
  • I love love love that all of the girls are back in the building. They are so fun and wonderful. I will tell you about them sometime...maybe next time. :)
  • Our save-the-dates are going out soon. Get excited. 
  • My sweet sister, Sarah, is about to go back on the road for work. I've loved having her around this break.

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