Friday, July 15, 2011

How's married life?

This is the question I get asked most frequently...maybe 2nd most frequently. The other is, "How's the job search going?' Well, let me tell you.

Married life is so fun! I love spending time with Justin and living with him and getting to know him more. I get to bake and cook a lot, and I LOVE that. It's really great. One day, Chels asked me if Justin did stuff that reminded me of her, and he totally does. Not like he's girly or anything, but just some of the things they say and how I respond. It's kind of like I married my best friend she said. She's totally right. I think that's a good summary.
     *I just learned the difference between summary and summation. Summation refers to numbers being added together, and summary is words. (That's my concise comparison from my research. Ha.)
Anyways, this isn't to say life is perfect all the time, but it's fun and sweet, and I love it.

Currently unemployed at least. I have no doubt that I will find a job. God has always provided for me some how whether it be through my parents or my own work. I've applied for 5 different jobs within DHS. I am qualified for all of them and basically have heard via email "You're qualified. Thanks for applying. We might call you for an interview. No further action is required on your part." I applied at Vista Health, but our friend Ryan made me nervous about working there. I've turned in a few other applications, but at this point they're all jumbled in my head. So, yea. There ya go. :)

On a totally different note we went to THE midnight premier of Harry Potter part 1 billion. Just kidding. It was movie 8 but part of book 7. I'm not a super Harry fan, but Chelsea and Justin are, so I went. It was good. It was faster paced than all the other movies, so I liked that, but also more fighty. Didn't really like that. Did I mention that I hadn't seen 5 of them, so we had to watch the first 7 within the past 2-3 weeks. Whew. I'm Harry-ed out.

Lastly, my bestie moves to India Sunday. I have very mixed emotions. You'll hear more about this later for sure. I. Love. Her.

And you. :)

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