Friday, July 1, 2011


He was sitting cross-legged in the median with a cardboard sign that read "hungry". I glanced and noticed him, but continued my conversation with Chelsea and Finley as we pulled off the interstate into Russellville.

We drove to the gas station/Wendy's/Subway because no one wants to travel with someone hungry. A hungry person is a cranky person. I ended my phone call with Chels before we pulled up to the order box.

I told Justin what I wanted and he recited it back to the Wendy's order box and added an additional 2 orders of chicken nuggets, a frosty, an order of fries and 2 jr. deluxe burgers. I flipped as we drove to the window asking him if he was really going to eat all of that food. That's a LOT of food. (1,540 calories and 176 grams of fat to be exact. Sick.) He told me to hold on as he paid. I asked him if I could tweet that. I was blown away and impressed and grossed out. The Wendy's worker handed him back his card, and he told me it wasn't all for him. He said it was for the man.

A man? What man? Then I remembered the man we passed as I was having my phone conversation with my best friend inside my nice, air-conditioned truck. Oh yea, that man. I responded in a way that I don't remember and stopped making a big deal about all of the food I thought Justin was about to consume. We got asked to move to a parking spot because it would be just a few minutes on our spicy chicken nuggets. Who knew spicy nugs were such a hot commodity?

We left Wendy's after we got all of our food and Justin went in to get the man a bottle of water. We headed back toward where we saw the man, but he was no where to be found. We drove around the surrounding area to make sure he hadn't moved, but we never found him.

I would like to think that someone beat us to it and fed the man, but I don't know that that's true. I'm going to pray so.

Things like this are what makes me thankful for my husband. (Husband! Ah!) 

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