Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welp, she's gone

Chels is safely in India and getting settled. That makes me happy. Her leaving wasn't super easy (I might've cried a little....or a lot.), but she's there now and doing grown up things like getting her classroom ready, and that makes me way excited for her. We probably weren't as prepared as we should've been to say goodbye (Meaning, we didn't really talk about it at all because it made us sad) which probably made it more difficult on our part. Whoops. But, I've skyped her twice since she's been there, and just seeing her face makes me happier! Anyways, thanks y'all who've been praying for us. I super appreciate it, and now that I know I will at least make it without her being in the same state, please direct all your prayers towards her. I mean, not towards her, but about her. Don't pray to Chelsea please. She and I do not support idolatry.

I'm still job hunting, and here's one thing I've noticed. Kind of a lot of the jobs I've applied for have a "Don't call about this job" somewhere on the application/listing. What?! Why do they teach us to do that in school then. It's super lame I think, and I'm kind of torn about whether or not to obey the command. Anyways, that's that update.

In other news, I've started painting our desk the same color as the table (Vintage Scotch Yellow-BHG from Walmart if you were curious. I love that name..or really anything with the word 'vintage' in it.) I really wanted it to be a different color, but I couldn't decide, and that's probably not what we need to be spending our money on now anyways (more paint, I mean), and it'll be in a different room. (wowie, I love conjunctions and run-on sounding compound sentences. Sorry.)
Here she is before. Missing hardware and all. We have to get a new top too. I'm so ready for this to be done, so we can put all of our stuff that's lying in the floor in it.

Also, sorry about the frequent blog changes. I can't decide what I like. I thought I liked this current an older one that none of you probably saw (red, chevron-y), but then I saw it was called 'Big Top', and that made me like it less. I don't like circuses. They're kind of creepy. I might stick with this one. I'm not too sure about this automatic centering. I love left align. 

And for your entertainment, here are some pictures that I forgot about:

After we floated the Elk River!
I made a Mississippi Mud Pie. It was ok, I thought. Justin loved it.
We went to the Rodeo!!!!! I. Love. The rodeo.
There was a NASA booth there. I don't know why.
Our 4th of July cake.
Pre-Harry Potter with Autumn's wand she the bathroom.

Tomorrow's Friday!! Wooot! Justin's off, and I'm babysitting some of my faves. Bonus. Happy weekend!


  1. Can't wait to see the desk! Its gonna look great. see you tomorrow. Thanks a million.